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Hey everyone,

Thank you so much for helping us create such an amazing place and community resource. I want you to know that we support you 100% with the best deals, the best information, the coolest events, classes and the most music that any music store anywhere has ever delivered!

We're glad to be a resource for all of your musical needs. Whether you're looking to buy gear, sell gear, take a class, or lessons, record your music, fix your amp, get a guitar setup, join our band camp or install a conferencing system for your office - we are here to help.
We have the largest selection of used gear in the North Bay.

Give us a call if something speaks to you. 707.665.5650



Thanks to your consignment inventory we've got the best selection of used musical instruments in the North Bay. 



Bring in an instrument or gear that you want to sell. We can come up with a sale price together, then when it sells we can split the money (80% / 20% split for items over $1000, or 75% / 25% for items under $1000, 50% / 50% for items under $100).


Come by and check out the amazing deals on the biggest selection of used and vintage instruments in the North Bay.