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Space Band is out of this world!

We all love to play music but this last year has forced us to think outside of the box to collaborate. We had to shut down our super fun band camp – Rock Overtime but now we’re back with Space Band!


You sign up and we put you in a band with other musicians at a similar skill levels.

You choose a song to play and record then work with pro musician Ben Burleigh via Zoom to play and record it on your home recording set up using a custom scratch track that we share with you. You’ll also record yourself playing it to be used in the video.

Don’t have a recording set up? Don’t worry we can sell you a great package and help you learn to use it.

Once each band mate gets their parts down we mix the song and compile each performance video into a complete music video like you’ve been seeing on social media.

Sign-ups are happening now:

Level 1: is for musicians that don’t have a recording set up. We sell you a Presonus recording package that has a USB interface that works with both PC, Mac or iPad. There’s also a recording mic, headphones and great recording software. We’ll help you get rolling and Ben will get your band experience together with the other musicians.


LEVEL 1: Price for class and equipment - $600

LEVEL 2: For musicians that own recording equipment and are ready to rock - $250

All ages welcome! Contact us to blast off into SPACE BAND!