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The PowerTone series of drum kits debuts with a select configuration of 12” x 20” bass drum, 7” x 12” tom and a 14” x 14” floor tom in a stunning Gold & Silver, two-tone lacquer sparkle finish. Our proprietary PowerTone 5-ply shell with reinforcement rings and precision-cut bearing edges render a shell that’s warm and resonant, yet powerful and projecting across a wide tuning range.

Reinforced maple/poplar shells

The PowerTone’s DNA consists of five plies of alternating maple and poplar, backed by Rogers’ standard reinforcement ring engineering. The beauty of this process is an efficient combination of warm vintage tone and the security of your drums holding their shape over time! Each shell interior is finished in Rogers’ classic fruitwood stain, ensuring your PowerTone looks just as superb on the inside as it does on the outside. If you’re looking for a kit with old-school tone, modern playability, and a design that’s built to last, your search has come to an end!

What’s included:

  • 12-inch x 20-inch bass drum
  • 14-inch x 14-inch floor tom
  • 7-inch x 12-inch rack tom