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Instrument Service and Repair

We offer a full range of instrument repair and maintenance services to help keep your gear in working order.

Guitar Maintenance

Basic Restring: $25 plus strings
For electric guitars (non-locking trem), steel string acoustics, banjos, mandolins, dulcimers, and ukuleles
Nylon String Guitar: $35 plus strings
12-string guitars: $35 plus strings

Guitar Restrings Includes the Following:

  • Changing, stretching, and tuning new strings
  • Clean and polish
  • Oil fretboard
  • Polish frets
  • Clean electronics
  • Tighten all moving parts

Full Setup: $55 plus strings

Includes all services performed in basic restring plus:

  • Adjust neck relief/truss rod
  • Set string height
  • Set nut action
  • Check intonation
  • Cleaning, polish, oil, hydrate
Floyd Rose Set Up: $100 plus strings

Additional Services

  • Pickup install/replace/upgrade: $40 per pickup, plus restring/set up
  • Electronics upgrade or replacement: $20-$100 plus parts
  • Full fret dressing: $180 plus strings (includes setup)
  • Tuning key upgrade: $30-$80 plus strings & parts
  • All other or special work is $50 per hour.

If you need help with amp repair call Backstage Technical at (707) 795-8391
If you have additional questions about our instrument maintenance and repair services, please call the shop directly at (707) 665-5650