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Thanks to your consignment inventory we've got the best selection of used musical instruments in the North Bay.



Come by and check out the amazing deals on the biggest selection of used and vintage instruments in the North Bay.






Minimum Amount To Put Item on Consignment: $50

We offer different consignment rate options for sellers depending on whether or not the seller chooses to be paid out with store credit or a check.

Payout Splits
Check Payout
Store Credit Payout Split

Item Sale Price
Customer / Store %
Item Sale Price
 Customer / Store%

$50 - $150
$151 - 999
$1000 & Up
50% / 50%
70% / 30%
75% / 25%
$50 - $120
$121 - $999
$1000 - Up
50% /  50%
75% / 25%
80% / 20%

Thank you for choosing Loud and Clear to sell your gear. We will do our best to sell it quickly.

The selling price of the gear will be decided by the store associates.  Items must be in the store for the pricing to be determined. 

We require a minimum 30-days to sell any item on consignment. Anyone who chooses to pick up a consignment within 30-days of arrival will be charged a 5% processing fee at the time of pick up.

Selling estimates can be sent to prior to bringing an item into the store.  Large items including amp cabinets, rack cases, PA speakers, 88-key keyboards and more, should be approved prior to bringing to the store.  Please call the store at 707-665-5650 or email the store at

All selling items must be in fully working condition.  All guitars must have fresh strings, working electronics, and must be in a playable state.  All drums must have functioning heads, functioning hardware and all required parts for use.  Electronic items must be fully functioning with required power supplies / cables supplied.

Your item will be for sale in the shop, as well as on our website. Some items may also be listed on Reverb, Craigslist, Facebook and lnstagram.

After 30 days, the consignment item's selling price may be adjusted to a lower pre-negotiated rate.

After 6-months, we may request that any items that have not sold be picked by the consignee or have a significant price decrease.