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Loud and Clear Music proudly sells new Taylor Guitars and Accessories.

Learn about these excellent instruments, the technology behind their sound and find the perfect instrument for you.

Come down to our showroom to audition our Taylor guitars.

The American Dreams Series

Named after the guitar shop where Taylor Guitars was founded in 1974, the American Dream Series reflects the principles of innovation and resourcefulness that have always helped Taylor get through challenging times.

With the American Dream Series, Taylor proudly introduces the lowest-priced solid-wood, US-made guitars in the Taylor line.

V-Class Bracing

V-Class bracing is a groundbreaking new Taylor design that transforms the way an acoustic guitar top vibrates to dramatically improve the sound.

More Volume

V-Class guitar bracing controls the top’s flexibility, creating a more orderly rocking motion across both sides of the top. The controlled flexing movement produces greater volume.

Longer Sustain

V-Class bracing maintains stiffness along the middle of the guitar, in the direction of the strings. That rigidity keeps the strings in motion, producing notes that resonate longer before fading out.

Better Intonation

V-Class bracing makes the top more in tune with the vibrating strings. This eliminates much of the interference that causes some notes to waver and sound slightly out of tune. As a result, notes and chords played anywhere on the neck are more consistent and in tune with each other.