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Free Re-string Saturday!
With help from Ernie Ball Strings, we do a restring fundraiser every month for a different local non-profit.

We are doing a very special one for the Humane Society on Saturday November 19th from 1:00pm - 4:00pm.
Bring in your six string electric or acoustic guitar and we'll restring it for you with a new set of Ernie Ball strings with your donation of $10 or more to 

Don't need strings? There will be adoptable pets on site and volunteers from the rescue so you can learn more about what they do!

What could be better than getting free strings donated by our kind friends at Ernie Ball, having a Loud and Clear Tech put them on for you AND helping a great cause? All proceeds go to the Humane Society.

We try to get as many guitars done as possible so please no locking trems/Floyd Rose, 12 stringsguitars.

Got Bass? Buy the strings from us the day of the event and we will gladly put them on for you with your donation of $10 or more.

Thank you!

Livestream replay of the 2022 drummer showcase event