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Music Lessons

Our team of professional onsite teachers and local associates will get you started, or re-inspire you to get creative and, most of all, have fun playing music.

Rock Overtime Band Camp

Rock Overtime is where we put you together with other musicians with similar likes and skill levels to form a band.

You and your new bandmates meet once a week for two hours here at our onsite performance area with a pro instructor who will help you learn some tunes and get your band ready to rock live.

The fifth session is a performance with your new band at a local Cotati club. Performances are always the first Tuesday of each month. Class starts the following weekend.

Price for the program is $250 for new signups / $200 for returning rockers — ALL AGES WELCOME

Group Classes

We offer a variety of group classes including:

  • Guitar Boot Camp
  • The Fretboard Revealed
  • Group Beginner Guitar Lessons
  • Jazz Classes
  • Blues Solo Classes
  • How Music Works
  • Group Ukulele Lessons
  • Group Vocal Classes
Group classes are a great low-pressure interactive way to have fun and hone your musical skills.

Private Lessons

We offer music lessons with some of the finest teachers in Sonoma County.

Ben Burleigh
Instruments: Bass, Guitar, Ukulele
Phone: 707.347.6962

Mark McGee
Instrument: Guitar
Phone: 707.776.7979

Alec Furman
Instruments: Guitar, Bass, keys, Drums, and Ukulele
Phone: 707.477.9407

Gailene Elliott
Instrument: Vocals
Phone: 707.971.0577