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Electro-Harmonix was founded in 1968 by Mike Matthews. Fresh out of Cornell University, he combined his passions for music and business to create a unique product in rock. With the creation of his first product, the LPB-1, he helped usher in the age of overdrive. EHX’s most iconic pedal, the Big Muff Pi distortion/sustainer, was introduced in 1969. Its sound and appeal are so powerful that it’s been imitated and copied by almost every pedal company on the planet. Currently, Electro-Harmonix has a product line of over 150 pedals ranging from the essential to the exotic, all at prices a working musician can afford.

The NYC Big Muff Pi is famous for its creamy, violin-like sustain and epic tone. It’s been defining the sound of rock guitar for almost half a century. EHX shrunk the NYC original without changing its magical sustain and sought after sound to create the Nano Big Muff Pi.

Electro-Harmonix vacuum tubes are the leading choice for many legendary amplifier manufacturers. If you want great sounding tubes at an affordable price, then EHX tubes should be on the top of your list.

Known for their reliability and great tone due to quality engineering and manufacturing, EHX Tubes must endure and pass the toughest testing in the industry.
The EHX Neo Holy Grail is an update to the wildly popular compact digital reverb, the Holy Grail. It contains three reverb algorithms: SPRING, HALL, and PLATE. All three algorithms were designed and tailored for the electric guitar, but they work equally well on most instruments and voices.

The SPRING algorithm is a re-creation of the classic spring reverbs that are found in many guitar amplifiers. The HALL algorithm simulates the reverberations heard in large spaces such as a concert hall or cathedral. The PLATE algorithm is an emulation of a metal plate reverb commonly found in high end recording studios during the 1960s and ‘70s. 

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