Consignment Sales

Consignments welcome — we’re like Craigslist, but easier and way more fun!

Thanks to your consignment inventory we’ve got the best selection of used musical instruments in Sonoma County.


Bring in an instrument that you want to sell. We can come up with a sale price together, then when it sells we can split the money. Our commission split for consignments is:

  • 80/20 for items over $1000
  • 75/25 for items under $1000

Instruments placed on consignment must be evaluated for necessary repairs. All repairs shall be completed prior to placing items in the shop and paid for at the time of signing consignment contract.

With the help of our outstanding community of local musicians, both buyers and sellers, last year we sold over a million dollars of your consignment inventory. We’d like to thank everyone who’s supported us and look forward to selling more gear in the years ahead.